Monday, September 30, 2013

Benefits of Vinpocetine in CortiSLIM Advanced

Since its debut on the Dr. Oz Show, the popularity of vinpocetine is getting amazingly extensive. It is now regarded as a totally safe nutritional supplement that bears remarkable benefits to human health, especially the ability of the brain to function optimally. 

Vinpocetine is a complex compound that is extracted from periwinkle seeds, a shrub that is perennially indigenous to southern and central Europe and now growing in the United States. For over two millennia, the herb has been known as a potent medicinal plant without much objective proof. Today, scientific research has revealed a lot of facts about vinpocetine.

The Wonderful Cognitive Enhancer

Principally, vinpocetine is an amazing cerebral vasodilator. It expands the blood vessels of the brain and facilities proper flow of blood to the brain. The many effects of vinpocetine on the brain have earned it recognition as a cognitive enhancer. The effects include enhancement of both short and long term mental functions. The supplement optimizes cerebral blood flow, ensures that vital nutrients, glucose and oxygen reach the brain. In the long run, vinpocetine helps to sharpen memory and mental acuity and reduces the effect of aging on mental alertness. The supplement also boosts the ability to think and learn through massive information and data, and ensures that the individual has enhanced attentiveness and vigilance.

Vinpocetine prevents cerebral ischemia (that is impairment of blood flow to the brain), averts hypoxia (inadequate oxygen) and therefore prevents the occurrence of dementia. The drug is neuro-protective, that is, it has the ability to protect the brain from damage through facilitation of energy utilization and facilitation of cerebral metabolism. The drug is also protective against a group of illnesses that are known as Age Related Cognitive Declines (ARCD), that diminish the quality of life significantly.


The vinpocetine extract is an incredible anti-inflammatory substance. A number of researches done by the University of Rochester have demonstrated that the drug reduces lung inflammation. Usually, lung inflammation is treated using steroids. However, the steroids have dangerous side effects to the user which necessitate the need for a side-effects free solution. Vinpocetine has no side effects and also posts remarkable results with rheumatoid arthritis and obstructive pulmonary disease.

Hair Loss

Vinpocetine treats hair loss and is currently the most desirable drug for hair loss as a replacement for minoxidyl. Minoxidyl is an amazingly powerful cerebral vasodilator but causes chest pains and excessive lowering of the blood pressure. Vinpocetine offers the same vasodilatation and prevention of hair loss exclusive of these terrible side effects.

Vertigo (Illusion of Movement)

Vertigo means abrupt whirling or spinning sensation that is commonly accompanied by loss of balance, lightheadedness, vomiting, nausea and sweating. Vinpocetine eliminates the symptoms that characterize vertigo because of its powerful vasodilatory characteristics. A dosage of 15 mg per day is recommended for effective treatment of vertigo.

Many More Benefits

Vinpocetine has many more benefits to the body. It helps to relieve loss of hearing and the buzzing or ringing of ears. The extract also improves night vision, prevents and improves age-associated macular decline, and prevents or relieves glaucoma. Vinpocetine is also effective in improving cardiovascular function, blood circulation, and reduces atherosclerotic plaque. The extract is a wonderful bladder control agent.

Vinpocetine treats a wide-range of illnesses and remains the single most important natural way of dealing with mental function disorders. For a convenient dosage of vinpocetine, buy CortiSLIM Advanced containing vinpocetine at CortiSLIM

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