Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CortiSLIM, Weight Loss And Metabolism

When we start a weight loss program or begin to up our fitness levels we all want instant results that mean we see an immediate impact on not only the way we feel, but the way we look too. Taking a sensible approach to dieting, exercise and supplementing your eating plan is the best way to go about ensuring steady weight loss and consistent results. If you’ve taken the decision to incorporate CortiSLIM into your new regime, it’s important to know how quickly you’re likely to see results.

Nutrients for weight loss and fast fat burning:

Let’s begin by taking a look at the various nutrients that are in the CortiSLIM supplement range and look at what each of them can do for you individually.

Anti-oxidants for the core of the supplement and are one of the most important groups of nutrients that anyone dieting needs to make sure they get an adequate intake of. This is because they help to fight stress, free radical damage and to stimulate the metabolism and make your body work more efficiently. 

Nutrients in CortiSLIM:

One of the best forms of this is contained within CortiSLIM and is called L-Theanine. This compound is derived from Green Tea, also known as Camellia Sinensis – though it can also be found in black or white tea too. It can help aid weight loss due to its calming and de-stressing effect on the body and is therefore believed to be effective in stopping the feeling of needing to overeat to combat emotions and feelings of distress, which can be one of the chief reasons people gain weight.

Perhaps one of the most surprising and interesting ingredients in the supplement is Cinnamomum Bark. A variant of the Cinnamon that we are used to putting into our foods as a spice, this has an interesting effect on stress levels that are directly correlated to blood sugar. When we become stressed, our blood sugars can fluctuate wildly which can lead to raised levels of anxiety and an increase in adrenaline. Cinnamon can help to stabilise and regulate the levels of insulin in our bloodstream, which can in some instances lead to people feeling they need to eat sugar, or sweet foods to re-stabilise themselves.

CortiSLIM contains the right amount of Chromium to speed up weight loss and is also another supplement which can aid those who suffer with either sugar cravings or problems controlling their blood sugar. Typically, nutritionists and Doctors would recommend you take anything over 100mcg daily to boost weight loss and fat burning. CortiSLIM contains around 200mcg (this is still a safe level to have in the body) which means that it could possibly act more quickly to help stabilise and control weight loss.

Alpha Lipoic Acid has also been scientifically proven to help patients who want to lose weight shed the pounds that little bit faster. Researchers from the University of Ulsan in South Korea found that by giving the participants of their study a dietary plan and a supplement of Alpha Lipoic Acid (in varying levels) that the effect on their weight loss was dramatic and that even in high doses there were no serious side effects. The scientists who conducted the study believed that ALA could be a beneficial therapy for helping patients who were dealing with obesity.

How quickly will these nutrients help me in my quest to shed pounds?

Of course, everyone’s metabolism and requirements for weight loss are different and the way everyone will assimilate and react to supplements will vary. However, combining CortiSLIM with a regime of aerobic exercising to tone arms, legs and stomach can really help to make a difference in how quickly you see that weight loss happen. Interestingly, there is growing evidence to suggest that long term use of supplements such as these can lead to a greater incidence of fat burning over time. This study, published here in Nutrition and Metabolism looked into the benefits of taking pre or post exercise nutritional supplements and whether or not they could help weight loss to happen more quickly. It was found that long term, whilst it was inconclusive as to how much of a positive effect it would have on say, the cardiovascular system, it did indeed show that it helped the participants of the study to burn fat quicker and safer, particularly over longer periods of time and when combined with a regular and set exercise regimen.

Whilst the key is obviously to be disciplined and stick to your training, your diet and your supplementation, the added benefit of an antioxidant rich supplement can really boost the effects of the other two factors and mean that you start to see the pounds fall off much quicker than you would without taking a nutritional supplement.

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