Wednesday, April 27, 2016

3-Step Plan To Manage Your Stress

Long-term stress is the root of many ailments in our modern-day world. Luckily, there is a three-step approach tomanaging all the stressors you will encounter throughout your life. In fact, treat your stressor as a project and then do the following:

  1. Name it
    • Whether it’s emotional, mental or physical, write down your stressor.
  2. Make a plan
    • You want to move your project over the hurdle of procrastination. Do this by writing down an action plan that is SMART:
      • Specific
      • Measurable
      • Attainable
      • Realistic
      • There’s a Timeline
  3. Deal with your plan
    • Tackle it – roll up your sleeves and just do it.
    • Get help – if you don’t have a lot of time get some support like an accountant or a mediator.
    • Let it go – if things are weighted by emotion you may have to use tools such as journaling to letting it go. Remember: this isn’t denial.
    • Let it be – if you have to endure something for a period of time, you may just have to practice the act of letting it be. Meditation can help with this.
  4. Let CortiSLIM be a part of your plan to get your stress under control.

Signs Your Thyroid May Be Out Of Whack

Extreme Fatigue. If you’re always tired, even after sleeping 8 to 10 hours a night, it’s a common sign that your thyroid hormone levels are low. Of course, fatigue and low energy are associated with many conditions, but if you don’t have enough thyroid hormone (TH) flowing through your body, your muscles aren’t receiving a signal to get up and get moving.

Brain Fog. If it feels as though you’re walking around in a fog all day, are having difficulty focusing, or forgetting things frequently, it could be that your thyroid is out of whack. Too much TH can make it hard to concentrate, while too little can cause memory problems.

Digestive Issues. Those with hypothyroidism often complain of constipation, as an underactive thyroid can cause the digestive process to slow. An overactive thyroid gland can cause the opposite problem, such as diarrhea or more frequent bowel movements.

Mood Problems. Mood swings, anxiety or depression can develop in those who have thyroid disorders. Anxiety and nervousness are linked to hyperthyroidism as the body is flooded constantly with a message to go, go, go, causing it to go into overdrive.

Many CortiSLIM customers find CortiSLIM Advance helps with hormone issues and stress-related belly fat.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Increase your Fat Burning with these TIPS!

Here are some of the best thermogenesis-inducing foods...

Spices: consuming foods with spices, such as red hot peppers or black pepper increases thermogenesis and can potentially have a significant effect on feelings of satiety and fat oxidation. Capsaicin, the substance that gives hot peppers their pungent flavor, for example, has been reported to increase thermogenesis. Similarly, black pepper contains piperine, a substance that has been shown to influence thermogenesis through stimulating the nervous system.

Green tea: contains two substances - caffeine, and polyphenols called catechins - that have been shown to boost thermogensis and may enhance each other's effects. Catechins in green tea may increase thermogenesis through inhibiting a particular enzyme, and green tea contains high amounts of a certain catechin called epigallocatechin gallate, which is probably the most pharmacologically active.

Coconut oil: contains mainly medium-chain fatty acids - fats that, when consumed, have been shown to inhibit fat deposition through increased thermogenesis and fat burning, in studies conducted in animals and in humans.

Proteins: are the most thermogenic food, including lean meat, poultry, eggs, fish and shellfish, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, protein powder, and nuts.

When you combine lean proteins with essential “healthy” fats, as well as fibrous carbs (vegetables), your body will literally turn into a fat burning machine. Here’s a simple 3-step formula to put together a fat-burning meal...
Step 1: Select a fibrous carb (vegetable high in fiber) such as broccoli, asparagus, green beans, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, kale, etc., and then...
Step 2: Combine it with a high-quality lean protein (lean meat, fish, or low fat dairy)...
Step 3: The lean protein and fibrous carb forms the foundation of your fat burning meal - and is perfect if later in the day. But if it’s earlier in the day, when your body needs more energy, you'll want to add a natural starchy carb, such as brown rice, oatmeal, potatoes, yams, or sweet potatoes. Simple carbs (fruit) earlier in the day (or after a workout) work well too.
Summary: you can turn on genes that make weight loss easier and CortiSLIM can help!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sneaky Little Fat Loss Tips

Sneaky little fat loss tricks that I want to share with you!

Tip #1
This is a super-easy way to make your meals more satisfying and to lose additional weight without feeling like your giving up all your favorite foods.  Best of all, this simple tip makes your meals more enjoyable!

About 5 minutes before you start your meal, eat a spoonful of delicious creamy organic almond butter (natural peanut butter works too).

Not only does it taste delicious, but the healthy fats activate a little-known but powerful hormone called ghrelin.  It’s the hormone that tells your body loud and clear that it should feel full and satisfied.

2 things will happen.  As you eat, your body will be flooded with hormones that enhance the feeling of satisfaction.  And you’ll also feel full and delighted much sooner. 

Overeating and feeling bloated will be a thing of the past!

Tip #2
This is a powerful one because it allows you to burn extra fat WHILE YOU SLEEP.  Awesome right?

It’s another quick and easy trick you can start using today.

All you need to do is lower the temperature in your bedroom by a few degrees.  A recent study showed that dropping the room temperature from 75° to 67° causes men and women to burn more fat every single night.

It doesn’t get any better than that right?  You don’t have to sacrificeand give up everything you love to lose weight. 

Adjust your thermostat or turn up the A/C and burn fat while you snooze.  It’s truly effortless fat loss.

Tip #3
Use your body’s natural cycles to lose weight as fast and easy as possible.

Most people don’t know this but your body goes through natural metabolic cycles throughout the day.  It’s why you have energy in the morning, you get tired after lunch and why you get a little burst of energy when you get home at night.

The most important cycle for fat loss is in the morning.  No doubt about it.  That’s why leading fat loss researchers (and your mother) say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

So how can you take advantage of your body’s natural metabolic cycle in the morning?  Well I discovered a simple 5-minute routine you can do in the morning to burn fat and boost energy. 

You can finally get off your plateau with just a few tweaks to your existing program and CortiSLIM can help!

Check this out!

Don't forget your water and let’s stop the excuses and just do it! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Quit Being Sick & Tired!

Are you chronically tired for no reason? Do you feel rundown and overwhelmed?
It could be adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue occurs when your adrenal glands cannot adequately meet the demands of stress. From the demands of work, to family obligations, to the hurried pace of the city and our technology-driven society, many of us feel like we’re under a constant siege of stress.

While the “fight or flight” stress response mobilized by the adrenal glands is a key to our survival as a species, prolonged stress, whether it’s physical, emotional, or psychological, exhausts the adrenal glands, leads to sleeplessness, irritability, and fatigue. When our adrenal glands are constantly required to pump out cortisol, they eventually become impaired. Your body does its best to compensate for under-functioning adrenal glands, but it comes at the price of your metabolism, heart and cardiovascular system, sex drive, and even your sleep.

Research has found that sleep disturbances are directly related to increased sensitivity to the arousal-producing stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is excitatory, which means it arouses us, wakes us up, and leaves us primed for action long after the stressor is gone. Unfortunately, when we’re under prolonged periods of stress, our cortisol levels remain elevated and our adrenal glands, small pyramid-shaped glands that sit atop each kidney, never get a chance to recharge.

When we consistently don’t get a good night’s sleep, our circadian rhythm becomes disrupted. This negatively affects our serotonin and melatonin, hormones which govern appetite and mood. In other words, not only does stress keep us in an agitated state by agitating our cortisol levels, but it can lead to cravings, obesity, and blood sugar imbalances which have been shown to negatively impact mood.

While it may feel like you’re caught in a vicious cycle of stress, sleep deprivation, poor nutrition and mood swings, it’s possible to break free by incorporating these six tips in your daily routine:

1. Eat breakfast

Make a point of eating a high-fiber, high-protein breakfast every morning to stabilize blood sugar and improve mental alertness.

2. Eat regularly

It’s important to keep up the momentum after a nutritious breakfast. Skipping meals leads to irritability and mood swings because our mood rises and falls alongside the dips in our blood sugar. Try eating four or five small, well-balanced meals per day.

3. Ditch the junk

Remove refined, highly-processed food from your diet. This includes sugary snacks, deep-fried food, processed lunch meats, and pre-packaged items with additives, preservatives, dyes, and flavoring agents. These food-like items rob your body of the nutrients it needs to support healthy adrenal function. Our adrenal glands thrive on zinc, manganese, vitamin C, and the B vitamins found in dark leafy greens.

4. Skip the stimulants

Say goodbye to caffeine that leaves you feeling wired, yet tired! Propping yourself up with coffee, tea, soda, and energy drinks will inevitably lead to a crash. These unsustainable forms of energy over-stimulate your adrenal glands and they’re also unnecessary sources of sugar and calories.

5. Supplement with herbs

Adaptogenic herbs like maca, ashwaganda, rhodiola and CortiSLIM Advanced with Vinpocetine, can help the body cope with stress and fatigue. For specific doses of these super supplements, consult your health care practitioner.

6. Wind down

If you have a habit of watching the news before bed or mindlessly browsing the internet, consider a new routine. Unplug and opt for a relaxing bath or a series of yoga stretches to help your mind and body relax. For more info see

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Seven Gifts from the Heart

The holidays are a stressful time for a lot of people and for a variety of reasons. Finances are a big part of the problem because the season has become so commercial. We have so much to give that mean so much more, it begs to have a reminder of the gifts from the heart that don't come with a monetary cost.

1. The gift of time and attention: What can be better than the gift of your time? We each have the same 24 hours in the day, but with our hectic lifestyles time often gets away from us. That’s why giving someone your complete attention is a rare gift.
While you are with someone, don’t text or check your email under the table. Be present with them. Remember that most people just want to be understood and feel valued. The mere feeling that you are being heard can be very healing to someone. Paying attention is a precious gift you can give anyone and is the lasting memories that will be cherished when those people are no longer with us.

 2. The gift of listening: Most people think that listening benefits the person who is speaking, but it also benefits the listener. It gives you time to really understand what someone is telling you, and maybe discover something you never knew about them. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason!

It takes the pressure off you, because you don’t have to worry about jumping in with your own stories or witty remarks. Really listening means you withhold judgment or advice unless you are asked. Don't spend your listening time just thinking about what you want to say next!

3. The gift of sharing joy: Take a few minutes to share a funny story or joke you heard, a tasty organic recipe, a lesson learned, or a hope or dream for the New Year.  

Lend your friend a book that delighted you, some music that moved you, a link to a hilarious cat video on the internet, or a movie that made you laugh out loud. Sharing something that amused or delighted you will lighten your moods and your hearts.

4. The gift of help: Most people need help of some kind, and often the simplest things can make a big difference. People with young children always appreciate the gift of babysitting. People who have difficulty moving around will be most grateful for help with simple household chores, such as offering to change burned-out light bulbs or picking up groceries on bad-weather days. Be a snow angel for your neighbor and shovel their sidewalks if you are healthy enough and live where it snows! 

5. The gift of information. If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve discovered many new ways of . You’ve learned about keeping healthy and strong and much more.

Why not pass this information along to your friends so they can also share in the weight management and health strategies discussed here? Not everyone has the time or ability to research new ways to keep healthy and active. You are one of the lucky ones who does. Sharing the information you learn can launch other people on their journey to health.  

6. The gift of humor: Laughter draws people together. If you stop to think about it, how many times a day do you laugh?  Probably not as often as you did when you were a child. There is even laughter yoga classes to reduce stress! In this holiday season, take a few moments to laugh with your family, friends and people you work with.

A dose of humor stimulates your endorphins, so it actually makes you healthier. But the main reason to share a chuckle is that laughing just feels good, and spreads warmth and cheer. Don't be afraid to laugh out loud - joy is contagious!

7. The gift of thanks: Too often, we don’t take the time to thank people or tell them that we appreciate them. It’s never too late to take a moment out of your busy day to give sincere thanks to people who helped you this year. Send a hand-written card, an email, or an e-card.

Better yet, pick up the phone and say “Thank you.” Best of all, visit in person and deliver a big hug. Your kind words, warm touch and expression of sincere appreciation can make all the difference in someone’s day.

And now I’d like to thank you for giving me a few moments of your precious time. I feel honored and privileged to have spent this past year with you. I  wish you joy and health through the holiday season and look forward to being part of your journey in 2015.