Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Perfectionism Doesn't Make You Perfect!

Perfectionism Kills Productivity!

Nothing but perfection may be spelled 'Paralysis.'
~ Winston Churchill
Do you suffer from perfectionism?

Not sure?

Do any of the following hit close to home? 

5 Signs Your A Perfectionist


You obsess over simple tasks. You're almost neurotic about planning and preparing for Every. Little. Thing.

Nothing is good enough. You spend copious amounts of time perfecting something, even at the expense of getting other stuff done.

'Go Big or Go Home Baby' is your motto. You either want to do it just right or not bother at all.

You procrastinate. A lot. Oh, I know, you plan on getting 'it' done. As soon as the perfect time arrives, right?

You noticed the error in the title of this list and it's driving you crazy.

The desire for perfection can drive one to heights of achievement.

It can also derail progress because perfection demands that you, and your work, be flawless ... always.

This is a ridiculously impossible goal to reach. And on some level, way down deep in your soul, you know this. And it's hurting you in many ways.

The ugly truth about perfectionism

Striving for perfection, rather than excellence often leads to ...
Lower productivity. Spending too much time on a project or task, trying to get it 'just right' prevents you from tending to other commitments, projects and tasks.

Procrastination. It's already hard to get stuff done if it needs to be perfect but the big problem happens when you don't even want to do something because making it perfect just feels too daunting.

Myopia (I know, big word). You're so caught up in details, minutiae and the end result, you're missing the bigger picture and the journey to get there. Are you even having fun along the way?

Stagnation of growth. You're stuck in regimented ways of doing things a particular way and there's just no other way to do it!

Perfectionism is a disabler - not an enabler. It is the enemy of getting stuff done.

Avoid the goal of perfection. Try this instead:

Use the 80/20 rule. Strive for getting it done 80%. I'm not saying only get it done to 80%, I'm saying get it done. That extra 20% spent 'perfecting' it is what you need to stop doing.

It's good enough.


It is.

Life is full of imperfection. It IS important to give your very best to achieve the possible best. I get it. But striving for perfection will  prevent YOU from being YOUR best.

Try this mantra when you catch yourself getting caught up in the vicious cycle of perfectionism:

Good Enough is my New Perfect!

Accept whatever it is you're obsessing about in all its perfect imperfection, let it go and then move on to the next exciting thing waiting for you.

Mange your perfectionist ways - get more done.

Now, get on with your day!

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