Friday, December 7, 2012

Are excess Cortisol levels related to weight gain?

Stress is entwined into our daily lives. The stress reactions of our body are fabricated so we could naturally fight and/or flee any life threatening situations. Today, hot weather, heavy traffic, meeting deadlines, and many other everyday situations trigger our body’s stress response.

Recent studies have proved the role of the stress hormone, Cortisol in the deposition of belly fat. Cortisol is a steroidal hormone synthesized and secreted by the adrenal glands in the human body. Some of the important functions of Cortisol include regulation of blood pressure, proper metabolism of glucose, release of insulin to maintain blood sugar levels, immune function etc. In normal circumstances the body regulates and maintains normal cortisol levels in the blood. In times of body's 'flight or fight' response to stress, the amount of cortisol secreted is increased to higher levels. A small increase in its level is beneficial to fight against this stress due to its positive effects like increased immunity, lowering of pain threshold, improved memory functions and a quick burst of energy levels. But in times of excessive and prolonged physical or psychological stress, the normal pattern of its secretion (with highest levels in early morning and lowest during night) is altered leading to chronically raised levels.

When the body is exposed to chronically high levels of cortisol, certain cellular and tissue alterations might occur. In addition to causing imbalances in blood pressure and blood sugar levels, impairing cognitive functioning, lowering immunity and bone density, it has an important effect on the fat stores of the body. High levels of cortisol causes the adipose(fat) cells of the body to release the fat(triglyceride) stored in them and if not utilized by the body, gets it relocated and deposited in the abdomen, surrounding the belly. Thus it promotes weight gain as well as affects where one puts on the weight causing the deposition of fat in the belly part rather than the thighs and hips. This additional belly fat is more toxic and is mainly responsible for most of the health hazards linked with excessive fat.

So if in any way, one can control the high levels of cortisol or counteract the effect caused by it, it may help one in achieving healthier type of fat loss. A leading doctor in Mission Viejo, CA has his patients using CortiSLIM Advanced. He has been closely following almost 100 patients' cortisol levels and has seen a dramatic decrease.

My own journey has been pretty incredible. I had my levels checked because I was gaining weight, lacked energy and was very achy. I went to and ordered a Saliva Test. My level came back as 31 - normal is 4-6!  So I started taking CortiSLIM Advanced and today, almost a year later, my level is 9. I am a success story!


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